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  More Tat  
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1    Dirty Duck  Ian Wilson 
2    Rambling Sailor  Trad 
3    Mandy Lin  Ian Wilson 
4    Tup  Trad 
5    Serpentier Och Kanfetti  Mats Eden 
6    Fanny Power / Planxty Irwin  Turlough O'Carolan 
7    Foul Weather Call  Trad 
8    Fireside Polka  Sue Harris 
9    Muffin Man  Trad 
10   Nuffin But Muffin  Trad 
11   Jump At The Sun  John KIrkpatrick 
12   Pearl Wedding  Trad 
13   Tadnol Trousers  Pete Whittet 
14   William Taylor's Tabletop Hornpipe  Dave Shepperd 
15   Two Bowl Pudding  Pete Whittet 

The Band's second CD
You can get a copy for £5.00 plus p+p


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