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  Tunes in Tatters  
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1    William Taylors  Dave Shepperd arr Pete Wilshaw 
2    Fairy Dance  Trad 
3    Captain Pugwash  Henry Purcell 
4    Amoco Stomp  Pete Whittet 
5    Earl of St Vincent  John Ewert 
6    Be My Luck  Telfer/Prosser (Oyster Band)  
            Arr Pete Whittet
7    Bits & Bobs  John Webb (Tattered Swan) 
8    Carrick Hornpipe  Billy Pigg Arr Pete Whittet 
9    Lunch At The Pub  Cock And Bull Band 
10   Silbaattno  M Segerstrom 
11   Michael Turner's  Trad 
12   Rochdale Coconut
Laura & Lenza
Looe Hornpipe
13   Skylark  Wilson/Woodward (Peeping Tom) 
14   Steamboat  Trad 
15   Harvest Home
Navvie On The Line

The Band's first CD
You can get a copy for £5.00 plus p+p


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